Ghost name



3rd October 2015


Interactions with a stranger

Audace is from Fiverr. It's been 61 days since I've created a ghost, I almost didn't go with Audace slightly out of being a tad afraid to jump back into the project but because of his sheer boldness & confidence. His determination for a sale won me over & I am glad, he was a great way to re-enter something I love doing.

Reporting on the creative process

The video was really low quality, but somehow he filmed on a teal background, which worked an absolute treat and the model was really quite solid. The bottom half though was glitching out, an I thought to play that up, dissolve away his stomach and bring in these beams. I love how his face seems to be considering something, or maybe it's just the way I've framed it & it's reflecting how I'm feeling. I was scared to start this project again, I thought 12 ghosts was well and truly enough, but it's not & I'm committed to more - everyone tells a tiny story in some way, which is worth further investigation.