Ghost name



27th July 2015


Interactions with a stranger

Raith is from Reddit. It's interesting that with such a small amount of interaction you feel like you can get a sense of who a person is. Not what they've done, or what they do in their life, but a sense of who they are in their spirit. Raith smiled at the start and end of both of the videos he supplied me, a slightly awkward smile made it obvious that he's one of the "good eggs" & it's nice to know that he'll be brightening other peoples lives with that smile.

Reporting on the creative process

When I extracted the 3D data the software failed to created the mesh correctly, resulting in one side of his face attached to the back of his head, it was really weird. I ran with that and restitched it back together. Adding in more objects to emphasise that feeling it was ripping in half.