Ghost name



17th June 2015


Interactions with a stranger

Duca is from Fiverr. You can clearly see that she is an absolutely stunning woman. This is what caused issue for me personally, I didn't want to trouble her for another source item (I could see she had lots of Fiverr "gigs" going) and we had interacted a little but in a slightly negative way (the topic of coin is always laborious) I knew that her hair being down was going to cause an issue but decided not to bother and keep going.

Reporting on the creative process

The hair was a major issue, it didn't scan in well at all, it caused this HD blob around her as the software was tracking the hair not her facial features, thankfully her jawline did come across in some form. Trying to re-sculpt it with my lack of skill caused huge reduction in her femininity, touching the face in anyway was a no go. For this ghost I've left it pretty raw, not much treatment has been done & my hand was mostly framing her & lighting, oh & the pointy shards because I was listening to Amon Tobin at the time.