Ghost name



11th July 2016


Interactions with a stranger

Strigoi is from Fiverr. I always have to ask myself "why this person" when asking someone to be a model. Strigoi initially caught my attention because of an attraction, he is quite handsome. But the why this person question comes into play, he does have a strong jaw, defined nose and ears that are large enough to be detected by the software I use. I was a bit worried that maybe he might not be able to do this project justice though, as I had stereotyped him because of photos he also had of him in a gym. I sent him details on what was involved and his first line back was - "I would love to be a ghost in your project" how could I say no. He inadvertently had showed me that my stereotypes were unfounded and also deliver an exceptional quality asset for me to work on.

Reporting on the creative process

The video was so close to perfect only he changed where his centre point was which caused his face to stretch across the nose / between the eyes. I used Zbrush to try to correct the glitch but not enough to repair it completely. I've been playing with global illumination (a process that simulates indirect lighting, like light bouncing and colour bleeding.) in another project I'm working on & wanted to light this in a similar way using coloured bars (invisible to camera). Some are above the ghost, some embedded within it, what remains is the illuminated light from those sources. I wanted his ghost to glow with colour.