Ghost name



20th December 2015


Interactions with a stranger

Diosa is from Fiverr. This was one of those quick transactions, minimal fuss. It was exciting to finally have another women on board as it has been quite hard trying to get them involved, for whatever reason they don't seem to go for it as much as men. So I was super happy when she came back saying "Hello, I saw your work and I'd love to participate. it is pretty awesome!"

Reporting on the creative process

The base artwork supplied was filmed in a very high-key way, as a result the mesh was divided into two passes, one to capture the face, the other to capture the torso as it wouldn't work as one pass. Then I melded them together in Cinema 4D. Knowing Diosa enjoyed my work made me want to show her in a more grandiose way, and wanted to create a digital goddess (Diosa is Spanish for goddess) with her likeness.