Ghost name



26th July 2017


Interactions with a stranger

Rímac is from Tinder. I've been extending out, looking for new people from different digital networks to be part of this project. Tinder felt like it would be a strong untapped resource (it's not by the way), my motivations were pure, I wasn't going to date these people (I have a partner), I just wanted to see their faces and hopeful have them self-qualify their own interest by swiping right on the artworks I have in my profile. Some did, mostly out of what I came to realise was a slightly sad form of gratifying a digital connection for a brief moment, art is less important than being validated that someone might want to make art with you I found. Rímac himself was enthusiastic to be part of the project, which was delightful, from months of swiping across thousands of faces, a single person, on the other side of the planet, through a dating app wanted to make art with me and it seemed an honest and genuine transaction. "take your time! It will be as gift for me. :) " I hope he enjoys this gift. It feels special to me.

Reporting on the creative process

There is now something hanging over this project that's become part of my life. It had been since November 2016 since I had done a ghost, during that time I have looked at thousands upon thousands of faces online (more so if you count to the start of this project). I also have been learning to draw & 3D sculpt which requires me to look at lots of photographic reference materials. It's to a point where I now see faces when I close my eyes, I can't escape them. The faces I'm searching for all live in that place just under the glass of the device I'm using to connect to a stranger - whatever connection we have, there is always that technological barrier. With this piece, it quickly became obvious that I was subconsciously putting the model behind glass, I wanted to have that feeling that I was making the viewer of the work also a view into how the process feels of finding a stranger. The hunt, a mix of creepy/exciting and just odd as you break into a strangers world, with no idea of what they're going through, what's running through their mind and asking them to notice you, to be part of your world. I love this project, I really do, but I'm keenly aware that my unsolicited advances could be inappropriate based on an individuals situation in life at any given moment.