Ghost name



5th December 2015


Interactions with a stranger

Giano is a ghost from Fiverr. He was the first person to offer 4k media & also really suited what I was looking for visually in a model. The initial results were so exceptional, the detail obtained was so high & as a result caused a real internal problem of guilt for me in the creative process, questioning "how do I do justice to this" with my skill set & creativity.

Reporting on the creative process

With such amazing source material, the process till now was normally repair and resolve issues with glitches with low grade models, this was mitigated with a 4k source. I felt a video would be a nice output for this ghost and wanted to just have it fade away. While I'm very happy with the results for now, I hope when I get more skill to revisit this model so my ambition can match my technical abilities equally. This was a really hard one.