Ghost name



2nd August 2015


Interactions with a stranger

Cúram is from Fiverr. He was among some of the earlier people I got to model for me via the service, I originally processed his ghost (was never 100% happy with it) and had left it waiting until he was able to provide his model release. Over 4 months went by & in that time I learnt a hell of a lot, so as soon as I got the release, I redid his ghost again anew, this time very happy.

Reporting on the creative process

I've been watching lots of "The 100" of late, it's a dystopian end of the world tv show, the aesthetic of the savages really appeals to me. I like the idea of a face staring out of the darkness, Cúram is a very strong man (he's a personal trainer) I wanted to show that strength laying in wait, contemplating it's next action.