Ghost name



27th November 2016


Interactions with a stranger

Yoddha is from Instagram. I found her using the location search in Instagram, Indian faces have been of interest to me of late. I could see she was an artist and captivatingly beautiful. I was so happy when she was going ahead with the project, then for almost 2 weeks communication stopped, she had become ill (still not sure of details). It was quite saddening to think someone with such a beauty of spirit could be unwell. She has come across as a genuinely lovely person from all dealings so far.

Reporting on the creative process

The videos delivered by Yoddha are hilarious, she took them in what was either a public restroom or fitting room, with people around her while she stood there like a stone. Knowing she had been / was unwell made me humble that she had gone to the trouble to help me. This combined with an image she had personally made back in her Instagram feed of a warrior made me want to play on that strength. That even behind a beautiful face courage lays in wait. This image started quite murky, her huge amounts of hair were scanning in looking like a rock. I decided instead of hiding it, to make it bolder by introducing a rock I had scanned in previously. Two-thirds of the work were done in photoshop, this is something I normally don't do, but I wanted to freeze the 3D play as quick as possible (mostly now done in Zbrush) and move into more of digital painting aesthetic.