Ghost name



5th July 2015


Interactions with a stranger

Vilén is from Fiverr. We didn't interact much, that might have been due to a minor language barrier. I was a bit nervous he'd say no to the project, It felt like a long shot, he had this "bro" persona he was projecting. I think the reason I wanted him over 3 other guys I was asking at the time was that I felt there could be something behind the online personality.

Reporting on the creative process

It may not be quite apparent at first, but I've deliberately added more 3d elements around where his heart would be, I wanted to give the feel of his chest having a hole, that it's falling away or that it's recently exploded. His hard "man" look on his profile, compared to a vulnerable & mediative moment he captured in making the source material, showed me there was more depth to this person, even from just watching a few quiet hundred or so frames of video.