Ghost name



10th February 2016


Interactions with a stranger

Merveille is from Reddit. She was one of those no fuss people, not many questions and then one day just surprised me with the raw materials to use to create a scan from. Reddit people have a tendency to be flakey at best and having a female from Reddit trust me is a -huge- deal, so I am very thankful to her for trusting me with her likeness.

Reporting on the creative process

The scan came up perfect and I was a little hesitant on what to do with it. I felt I wanted to showcase the floral top but that quickly became too obvious, I played and played creating nothing of interest. I tried to create a 360º image for VR headsets but realised that I was pushing it in a place it didn't need to go, so I thought I'd just be more simple - have her look at the camera briefly. The glitchy skin overlay coupled with the figures in the background help introduce another layer of tonality when she turns.