Ghost name



21st August 2016


Interactions with a stranger

Neshama is from Instagram. The photo I first saw was of him with his twin brother sitting side by side with half their faces out of the photoframe left and right. Both had piercing eyes & they drew me in. From initial contact till receiving the files a time span of over 3 months had passed (I don't like to rush people). It was then almost another month until I was able to create something which I felt happy with.

Reporting on the creative process

He had moved position as he was filming himself turning around, causing his face to leave the video frame momentarily, this cause one half of his face to have this insane collapsed skull look (it wasn't pretty). I thought best to halve his face and create from that starting point. I worked on this image for over 2 weeks, which is unusual as the creation process for me is rapid (a couple of evenings or days). The final image was processed in Photoshop while watching the movie Prometheus, inspiring wisps of light and the desire to show a sense of movement.