Ghost name



10th December 2015


Interactions with a stranger

Yesod is from Fiverr. He's a personal trainer & to be honest his physique is what stood out straight away. The idea of having a model with so much strength made me bold enough to ask if I could also have him model shirtless & I'm glad I did. Through the whole process he was very respectful to what I needed as an artist & just a really nice guy, as a result of this I had to wait over a month to work on his model until I could detach his physicality from his warm character.

Reporting on the creative process

The models transferred flawlessly into digital, with the exception of the one in which I got him to pose shirtless with his arms behind his back. The angle in which the elbows came towards the camera meant they didn't scan at all. Once the models were in the 3D program, it was obvious his singlet scan captured his face well & the shirtless back scan held so much muscle strength. Putting digital twins together is always a challenge to balance their relationship, I didn't want it to feel sexual in nature, so the theme behind this image is more of a person witnessing the evolution/growth of someone external to their experience, who at the same time mirrors their own.