Ghost name



1st May 2016


Interactions with a stranger

Autumn is from Fiverr. I have been feeling a melancholy in trying to find new people for this project. Coupled with winter descending on where I live, I needed to find someone to break this spell. Thankfully in the middle of Autumn I found this beautiful woman on Fiverr who enthusiastically agreed to be part of the project. "Sure! This sounds like a neat project, I would love to be involved."

Reporting on the creative process

While her video was perfect there was this weird splitting happening in her face. I tried many times to resolve the glitch, eventually I decided to not attempt to create a full mesh and only use a 90º view of her face front on. It left a bunch of glitches which I dabbled my hand in Zbrush to smooth out, much to my joy the rebuilding of her face went fantastically. I coloured her in an Autumn palette without even thinking of the season, it seems fitting to lock that in as her name in the project.