Ghost name



20th June 2015


Interactions with a stranger

Sijo is from Fiverr. Normally I spent a tiny bit of time reading a Fiverr profile or watching their videos, I didn't for her. The transaction to get the assets from her happened so quickly & without any issue - there was no drama & no real interaction (sometimes a little banter happens with the messages). Comparing the photos she had online as her profile to the videos she supplied me, they couldn't be any further apart, she is an absolutely stunning individual & I feel so very fortunate to have worked with her likeness.

Reporting on the creative process

When the video was sent to me originally it was not in the correct format & was of a really low resolution, as a result only half of the face was able to be extracted and the bottom half near her collarbone was missing. I mirrored her face to create a full head and created this digital empress collar, which I thought because of her regal face, she needed a regal setting. It also kinda gives me vibes of the empress from the Never Ending Story for some reason.